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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe, relaxing form of therapy that uses hypnosis together with gentle questioning to manage a variety of problems associated with the mind.

Whether you want to stop smoking, reduce anxiety or simply pass your driving test, a relaxing session of gentle hypnotherapy may be the answer. Many of our fears, phobias and bad habits have their root in the subconscious, so a therapy based on hypnosis is ideally suited to banish those problems for good.

By freeing the shackles imposed by the subconscious on the rational mind, most of these symptoms can be removed for ever.

Hypnotherapy can give you a freedom you never thought possible, with far-reaching effects on personal health, relationships, even your career.

Yet hypnotherapy isn't a form of mind control. Hypnosis only works on those who are receptive to it. Using hypnotherapy I can loosen the restrictions your own mind is imposing on your waking state. And it often takes only one session for a significant difference to be seen. How many pills and regimes work that quickly?

Whatever issues you want to deal with, my hypnotherapy can help. Whether it's overeating, nervous habits or low self-esteem, a half hour consultation with me is absolutely FREE, and I can then propose a course of treatment perfectly tailored to your needs.

So call Fran now on 01284 703948 or 07867 743870 for your FREE ½ hour consultation. There's no need to wait any longer to change your life for the better.