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Executive Coaching

FACT - you may already be a successful, driven CEO or top-level manager.

Why would you need a coach to help you achieve more?

Because coaching is at the very heart of leadership. According to management guru George Odiorne: ‘Coaching is not an addition to a leader's job. Rather it is an integral part of it.’

Disposable Medical Instruments

Thanks to a recent investment, established Bury St Edmunds business Disposable Medical Instruments (DMI) are now able to offer a bespoke sterilisation, packaging and distribution facility to new and existing clients.

Their newly installed Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilising chamber processes 30 pallets of equipment or packaging each week, working in 24 hour cycles handling up to 3 pallets at a time

inlandsbanan large

Swedish Steam on The Inlandsbanan 2016

Discover Northern Sweden, the Land of the Midnight Sun, on the famous 100-year-old Swedish Inlandsbanan. Experience the rugged beauty of the landscape as snow-capped mountains, shimmering lakes, deep gorges and vast forests flow by as you travel steam-hauled to the Arctic Circle and Lapland. Dine on unique local cuisine, explore ancient traditions, and marvel at the wild wilderness where bears and wolves still roam free in this fabled land of trolls, giants and elves.

Among the many highlights are a spectacular journey on the longest cableway in the world, and a visit to the Porjus Hydroelectric Power Station. With museum trips, photo opportunities galore and plenty of time for local exploration you’re sure to treasure the memories of your time on this magical trip. Words can’t describe the enchantment of the light summer days spent travelling through this wonderful land, so make sure you book early and don’t miss out on the real thing!

Because Plan A Rarely Works!

From Williams F1 to Lady GaGa, at Plan B we’ve been moving bands and corporate customers for tours and events all over Europe since 2011.

We’ve recently added more comfort and convenience for you – in the streamlined shape of a 10 berth Sleeper Bus to complement our Luxury Splitter Bus already in use.

With many years’ experience of tour driving and logistics, Plan B is the place to start if you are looking for maximum comfort and peace of mind on your next tour or hospitality event. With:

  • Experienced drivers
  • Luxury transport
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Storage facilities
  • Competitive prices

Toll of the Bell for the A14 in Suffolk

Earlier this year, the Government put forward a proposal to improve the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon. The cost? An estimated £1.5bn. The proposed means of raising the money? Government funding, together with financial contributions from road users by means of a tolled section of the road.

The Benefits of Having a Chilled Water Dispenser in your Office or Canteen

At Water Coolers Are Us we specialise in refillable water coolers and water dispensers.

Our water coolers sit neatly in the corner of an office, food area or corridor and don't need any pipes or water circuits – just some cupboard space for storage of bottles and a nearby power supply.

The advantage this has over a plumbed-in kind is that you are able to position it where you want, and move it again if it gets in the way.

And a water cooler from us will never run out – we offer an efficient and regular replenish service direct to your business. The bottles used for our dispensers are stored on your site and used to refill the machines. When stocks get low – to a level you choose - our van will deliver a fresh supply of sealed and sterilized bottles.

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