George Wicker UK copywriter

Disposable Medical Instruments

Thanks to a recent investment, established Bury St Edmunds business Disposable Medical Instruments (DMI) are now able to offer a bespoke sterilisation, packaging and distribution facility to new and existing clients.

Their newly installed Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilising chamber processes 30 pallets of equipment or packaging each week, working in 24 hour cycles handling up to 3 pallets at a time

As Director Patrick Chainey explains, “EtO sterilisation is a flexible process that meets all our needs when combinations of medical devices, materials and packaging are put together – the common scenario for pre-packaged medical procedure kits.

“The use of disposable medical packs for critical procedures is increasing rapidly, reducing rates of cross-infection and saving time and money repurposing instruments or handling waste. EtO sterilization is so important in this cycle because it doesn’t alter the molecular structure of instrument or device packaging, and is so effective in removing trace DNA.”

As well as offering their service to manufacturers and packagers within the UK, the new facility allows DMI to confidently support their own developing business - supplying bespoke packages of single-use medical instruments to NHS outlets and suppliers, GPs and individual surgeries.

“This new facility, together with our long-established ISO Grade 7 Cleanroom means we now have everything in-house to grow our business, reduce costs and ensure the best possible quality and standards for our products.”

Those standards include ISO13485 and 11135 industry-specific certifications. With an in-house microbiologist writing packaging protocols, ensuring cycle validation and testing each sterilisation process, DMI guarantee the effectiveness of their service.

As a result of their investment, DMI offers a turnaround in days for manufacturers and packagers making use of their facilities. They can sterilise, package, brand (or rebrand) and distribute for their clients – in short provide a competitive one-stop solution for companies who previously had to use sterilisation options as far afield as Scotland.


Newsletter written for a local company ©Disposable Medical Instruments May 2015