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Swedish Steam on The Inlandsbanan 2016

Discover Northern Sweden, the Land of the Midnight Sun, on the famous 100-year-old Swedish Inlandsbanan. Experience the rugged beauty of the landscape as snow-capped mountains, shimmering lakes, deep gorges and vast forests flow by as you travel steam-hauled to the Arctic Circle and Lapland. Dine on unique local cuisine, explore ancient traditions, and marvel at the wild wilderness where bears and wolves still roam free in this fabled land of trolls, giants and elves.

Among the many highlights are a spectacular journey on the longest cableway in the world, and a visit to the Porjus Hydroelectric Power Station. With museum trips, photo opportunities galore and plenty of time for local exploration you’re sure to treasure the memories of your time on this magical trip. Words can’t describe the enchantment of the light summer days spent travelling through this wonderful land, so make sure you book early and don’t miss out on the real thing!

Friday 3rd June 2016
Flights to Stockholm
Your holiday starts with an afternoon flight from London to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. Here you board a train and travel north to Gävle, where you’ll check in to your hotel. There will be free time to relax before a fine dinner this evening in the hotel restaurant. (D)

Saturday 4th June 2016
Swedish Railway Museum and Electric haulage to Mora
After a leisurely breakfast this morning you travel from Gävle by railcar to visit the Swedish Railway museum, housing Sweden’s largest collection of steam locomotives. You then depart Gävle electric hauled to Falun, a city once famous for its working copper mine. Lunch will be served on the train. You’ll enjoy a two-hour break to explore Falun before continuing to Mora Strand, with dinner being served during the journey. On arrival at Mora Strand you transfer by bus to the 3-star Moraparken Hotel for the night. (B L D)

Sunday 5th June 2016
Double headed to Röjan
After breakfast you depart Mora on the Inlandsbanan hauled double-headed by steam locomotives SJ B1316 and B 1428. The engines will stop for photos at the narrow railway bridge at Storstupet waterfall. Lunch will be taken on the train. Your train then meets with a railcar in Fågelsjö. A bus transfer takes you to Fågelsjö homestead where you’ll enjoy homemade pastries. The train continues to Sveg and stops for photos at the combined road and rail bridge over the Ljusnan River. You continue to Röjan and have dinner on the train. A bus then transfers you for the night to the hotel Klövsjöfjäll. (B L D)

Monday 6th June 2016
Röjan to Östersund
After breakfast you re-join the train at Röjan station for the journey to Östersund. Lunch will be served on board as you travel to a city surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests. In the afternoon you’ll have the option of free time to relax at the Scandis Hotel or to remain on board and continue to Jamtli and the open-air ‘History Land’ museum there. You’ll return to Östersund late afternoon ready for dinner back at the Scandic Hotel. (B L D)

Tuesday 7th June 2016
Steam hauled to Vilhelmina
Today you depart Östersund in the early morning and travel steam hauled to the lake resort of Ulriksfors, where there’s a scheduled excursion on side track to the town of Strömsund. The largest population of brown bears in the world lives nearby. On your return you continue towards Vilhelmina in Southern Lapland, with dinner being served in the restaurant carriage upon your arrival. After dinner you’ll transfer by bus to the 4-star Hotel Vilhelmina for the night. (B D)

Wednesday 8th June 2016
Free Morning; Vilhelmina to Arvidsjaur
This morning you have the option of enjoying a free morning in scenic Vilhelmina, or a bus trip to the lake island town of Saxnäs in Lapp country, where the artist Folke Ricklunds lives. If so, you’ll continue to Fatmomakke where there’s an old Lapp church town dating back to 18th century. Upon returning to Vilhelmina you re-join the train and begin the journey north towards Arvidsjaur. There’s a scheduled water stop on the way in Storuman. Today lunch and dinner will be served on the train. You arrive in Arvidsjaur in the evening and enjoy an overnight stay at Hotel Lapponia. (B L D)

Thursday 9th June 2016
Cableway and journey by steam to Jokkmokk
Today you travel by bus to Mensträsk and Örträsk where you’ll enjoy a spectacular journey on the cableway there, at 13.6 km the longest in the world. A lunch basket will be supplied in the cableway carriage while you take in the wonderful landscape. You return to Arvidsjaur by bus, then depart in the early evening steam hauled for the journey to Jokkmokk. Scenic photo stops along the way will take in crossing the Arctic Circle and the railway bridge over Piteälv. Dinner will be served on board as you travel. Arriving at midnight into Jokkmokk, you’ll transfer by bus to Hotel Jokkmokk. (B L D)

Friday 10th June 2016
Steam from Jokkmokk to Gallivare; Late evening excursion to Dundret
This morning you can relax at leisure, with departure from Jokkmokk to Gällivare scheduled at midday. Your lunch will be served on board as you travel. There’ll be a photo stop at the large stone bridge of Pakkoselet, and an arranged visit to Porjus Power Station in early afternoon before you continue on to Gällivare. Dinner will be served on board when you arrive. You then transfer by bus to Hotel Lappland for overnight accommodation and to freshen up. Later this evening there’s an excursion by bus available to the mountain resort of Dundret to witness the glowing midnight sun. (B L D)

Saturday 11th June 2016
Double headed to Kiruna; Farewell dinner
Today there’s an excursion from Gällivare to visit the village of Malmberget and the local iron mine. You’ll then depart at midday steam hauled by your two locomotives for your final destination of Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden. There’s a long history of the indigenous Sami people, or Lapplanders, in this area, with evidence of at least 6000 years of settlement. Lunch will be served on board as you travel, arriving at Kiruna in mid afternoon. Tonight’s accommodation is at the Hotel Scandic, where you’ll enjoy a farewell dinner with fellow travellers and be joined by the crew. (B L D)

Sunday 12th June 2016
Return to UK
This morning you have a leisurely breakfast and free time to enjoy the town of Kiruna. After lunch you’ll re-join the group and depart to Kiruna Airport to board a flight home to London Heathrow via Stockholm, arriving into London Heathrow late evening. (B)

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