George Wicker UK copywriter

The Benefits of Having a Chilled Water Dispenser in your Office or Canteen

At Water Coolers Are Us we specialise in refillable water coolers and water dispensers.

Our water coolers sit neatly in the corner of an office, food area or corridor and don't need any pipes or water circuits – just some cupboard space for storage of bottles and a nearby power supply.

The advantage this has over a plumbed-in kind is that you are able to position it where you want, and move it again if it gets in the way.

And a water cooler from us will never run out – we offer an efficient and regular replenish service direct to your business. The bottles used for our dispensers are stored on your site and used to refill the machines. When stocks get low – to a level you choose - our van will deliver a fresh supply of sealed and sterilized bottles.

A water cooler that's a breeze to use

Our coolers are designed to be refilled from below. Bottles are easily transported on the trolley provided and don't need to be lifted into place. You simply disconnect the empty bottle then attach the new one. We'll give you full training on how to do this..

Our delivery service includes full cleaning and safety checks on both stored bottles and dispensers.

And, the water from our dispensers is chilled – much more refreshing than tap water and even more so in hot weather (or offices without air conditioning). So you may find our water cooler the most talked about item of office equipment during the summer months!

Why do I need a water cooler?

The benefits of having a well-hydrated workforce are well documented. An office water cooler will

  • Save employees' time spent visiting a cafeteria or staffroom for refreshment.
  • Increase staff morale and productivity.
  • Ensure your staff can get their recommended daily allowance of water every day.

P.S. In the UK it is required by law that employers provide an adequate supply of wholesome drinking water for all their staff. By installing a WCAU system we guarantee you will exceed the legal requirements laid down in the Health and Safety at Work Act.