George Wicker UK copywriter

We’re excited about our new press, so we thought we’d tell you a bit about it. Technically, it’s streets ahead of our old one (which is now being reassembled in China)

We’re excited about our new press

So we thought we’d tell you a bit about it. Technically, it’s streets ahead of our old one (which is now being reassembled in China).

It’s a Heidelberg (which in print terms is the Mercedes of the press world). And it’s fast, up to 8,000 impressions an hour faster than the one now on the other side of the world.

But that’s not the most impressive thing about it. Nor is the inbuilt Axis Control, which automatically monitors and maintains colour consistency through the print run, ensuring that every sheet will be printed the same, whether it’s the third or the thirty thousandth.

And although we can now monitor the press remotely, using Heidelberg’s Press Room Manager console, that is not as impressive as…

Wait, we forgot to mention something. That improvement in colour control means we now offer the best quality colour print we ever have. And you already know that our standards are extremely high.

And the increased press speed helps us be more competitive on longer runs, and achieve faster turnarounds. This, together with the colour consistency, means we are confident we can match and even exceed your customers’ highest expectations.

However, being print geeks, the best feature of the XL75 as far as we are concerned is the Automatic Ink Control (AIC). This feature alone enables us to dramatically reduce make-ready times, thereby saving paper, ink and fount solution.

How it works

The AIC delivers just the right amount of ink to the rollers based on an initial scan of the print proof, which assesses the coverage and colour of the sheets. The ink itself comes in plastic tubes, eliminating the wastage associated with using traditional tins of ink.

Environmental Benefits

As Director Bob Cullum says; “As a company we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by reducing waste, because we know it makes both financial and moral sense. We chose the XL75 over its competitors because we are always striving to increase our efficiency and quality, and thereby give our customers more flexibility. The advanced technology of this press and the increased productivity it gives us will achieve that and more.”

P.S. ISO want to tell you about this…

Not content with our current accreditations we’ve just added another. With the purchase of the XL75 we thought that a logical addition would be ISO 12647-2:2004 Graphic technology -- Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints -- Part 2: Offset lithographic processes. which relates to maintaining colour management and consistency throughout the printing process.

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