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On the National Trust Estate at Ramworth, near the Suffolk town of Bury St Edmunds, a flock of over 1000 home-bred rams and ewes graze an extensive 1800-acre parkland...

Teabrook Farms

On the National Trust Estate at Ramworth, near the Suffolk town of Bury St Edmunds, our flock of over 1000 home-bred rams and ewes graze an extensive 1800-acre parkland.

With the backdrop of its 18th Century Georgian Country house, Ramworth offers the perfect environment for development and welfare of our sheep and lambs. The sight of our free-grazing sheep is an added attraction for the many visitors that ‘flock’ yearly to one of the most picturesque open areas in East Anglia.

A Family Affair

The Teabrook family have been grazing sheep on the Estate for over 40 years, and it still provides a wonderful home for our animals, which thrive on its sheltered landscape and enjoy a stress-free existence. We believe that this, together with our stock selection and breeding programme, is one of the main reasons for the very high quality of our meat.

It’s a family run concern, started in 1970 by James Teabrook and his wife Deirdre when the incredible opportunity arose to take on the grazing at Ramworth. Although James passed away in 1987, the legacy he left has been carried on by Deirdre with the help of other family members. Their efforts have ensured that Teabrook Farms remains committed to producing the finest quality wholesale lamb for our many discerning customers.

The Lambing Year

The lambing year at Ramworth begins in early March, when the first lambs are born and are soon testing their strident voices against those of their mothers, while freely wandering around the vast park of sheltered grassland that is their new home.

It’s a focal point of the year, when the results of all the hard work over winter and the care and attention paid to the welfare of the sheep is realised. The lambing year is at its most intense in the first 3 or 4 weeks, which is when our experienced team of Lambers, veterinarians and shepherds are at their busiest.

All our lambing is done outdoors, unless tired ewes or weak lambs require the shelter provided to each individual fold in the flock. In turn each fold is managed by a principal and experienced Lamber, with assistance from keen veterinary students and other farm hands. Although the intensity of lambing for all involved - animals and people - is very much weather dependent, we aim to have the great majority of lambs bred from our flock each year finish on grass, although some of the later lambs are given supplementary creep feed when the grass has less nutritional value.

Our Flock

Our flock consists of approximately 500 home-bred Suffolk crossed ewes that are put to a Texel Ram to produce a quality lamb for meat, and 500 North Country Mules that we run with both Suffolk Rams to breed replacements and Texel Rams. The Texel breed originated in Holland and is known for its remarkable muscle development and leanness. On a grass-based system, the Texel will develop only a minor fat covering of the body, therefore Texel lamb can be sold over a longer period without loss of slaughter quality.Features of the Texel are:

  • The world’s most meaty mutton breed
  • Shows rapid growth
  • Has an excellent lean/bone ratio
  • Turns food to lean and not to fat
  • Possesses excellent mothering qualities>/li>
  • Produces predominantly twin lambs

In addition, Suffolk Ram is renowned for producing a high quality butcher’s lamb with good confirmation, solid configuration and lean meat.

The Future at Teabrook

Ramworth lamb is a high quality product obtained by the best standards of flock management and welfare to ensure the best quality meat for our customers. We hold both Freedom Food and FABBL assurance for our lamb, and can guarantee that our quality standards are consistent and in keeping with the demands of current welfare practises.

Our aim is to continue to supply our existing customers with competitively priced quality wholesale lamb and to work more closely with local meat traders to increase our wholesale outlets.

Did you know…?

James Teabrook became well-known both locally and nationally as a result of the popularity of 'Teabrook's Year', an ITV television documentary which followed a year in his life as a sheep farmer. The series of 5 programmes was first broadcast in 1984.


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