George Wicker UK copywriter

Life As Fiction

There's no way to get round it: life is a fiction, and language is one of the tools we use to tell it.

Life as Fiction - Selling Your Story

There's no way to get round it, life is a fiction.

Language is one of the tools we use to tell it. And life stories are a means of explanation.

The only useful attribute to life - once all the others such as food, warmth, shelter and reproduction are taken care of - is imagination.

Writing can be sterile, wordy, informative rather than creative. Look at the great ads. The best way to get that emotional link with the reader is through a fiction - Compare the 'meerkats'. Soap operas. Film. Books. All our entertainment is in stories.

Your life is a narrative. That's why genealogy is so popular. Life is a story. People will confuse you with words, but reality doesn't exist. Science can't nail it. You're making it up as you go along.

Or should be.