George Wicker UK copywriter

There are two things certain in life and both were evident at the Waterfront Blues Festival in Norwich this evening. Let's get the allusive first out of the way - Wilko Johnson has terminal pancreatic cancer. The second - well, it's just that you've got to love the high-octane fuel and energy that is rock 'n roll...

In Nature the old and infirm rarely survive.

It's a fact of life – David Attenborough has made a good living documenting it.

The elephants' graveyard is the last resting place for tired, half-dead and once useful giants. But when it comes to websites, what's the equivalent...?

We haven't had a King for a while, so it seems appropriate to modernise the adage I've used for the heading. And you don't need to be a Royalist to appreciate the sentiment - your customer should always come first...

Here's a list of five points to consider when designing and writing copy for the home page of a web site:

There's no way to get round it: life is a fiction, and language is one of the tools we use to tell it.

We're always learning. That's the truth of it, the unwritten law of life. Stumbling, blathering, making mistakes as we go along. Stopping, getting stuck. Taking a wrong turn, taking a U-turn. Going round in circles.

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