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Writing is Hard

Writing is one of the hardest things you can do. It's also one of the easiest. You just get pen and paper, sit down with your thoughts, maybe with a few notes of research, and write. Right? 

Except that's where the real problems start. Your mind races back to those essays you had to write at school. 'What I did in the holidays', 'My favourite story': all those hours spent staring at the blank page. Sure, writing is easy, once you've learned the mechanics of it, but it's getting the thoughts down in the right order, with the necessary vigour, that can defeat you. To say on paper what's really in your head.

Awkward doesn't come close

That's where a copywriter comes to your aid. In the modern world of business, of bulging blogs, animated advertising and tighter-than-a-pair-of-speedos deadlines, you need to get your words spot on. To get to the point quickly, without waffle. To disarm the reader with conversational language. To stress the benefits of your product or service to them, and show how you can solve their problems. And all this before they switch in a nanosecond to a competitor's website, or brochure, or email offering. Faster than you can say, 'Now that's enough about me...'

Copywriting solves problems. Yours. With guided language and astute observation. In plain language, in getting your message across, quickly, succinctly, cleanly.

What I do

  • I can revamp, revise or write fresh Website content, using targeted keywords to increase traffic to your site.
  • Compose Email Newsletters for your customers, keeping your name firmly in their thoughts.
  • Write Sales or Direct Mail letters to help you win more business.
  • Produce effective content for Ads, Leaflets, Flyers or Brochures to promote your products or services.
  • Issue Press Releases to boost your business profile and get you noticed in trade publications.
  • Proof read and copy edit fiction and non-fiction – web copy, sales letters, brochures, books, dissertations, essays.

Get in Touch

Words are my business, but I'd also like to get to know yours.

In fact, it's something I will need to do. Your copywriter should know your product inside out. Once hired, he or she will ask you questions, lots of them. Only by understanding your product will he or she be able to sell it properly. That's what we are doing after all, selling stuff, your stuff. With words, crafted and detailed words, sentences and paragraphs.

If you think copywriting is a service that could help you, please get in touch by phone or email for an informal chat about how my business might transform yours:

01284 767734 or mobile: 07788 543764 or

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Or if you need any more information about my approach to copywriting, please visit my page of FAQs to find out more

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